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Dry Eyes and Contact Lenses – What To Do?

Can dry eyes affect contact lenses?

We have a lot of patients wearing contact lenses for nearsightedness, astigmatism or other refractive errors, and some of them suffer from dry eyes. Naturally, one of the biggest complaints from our patients in our Central, LA eye clinic is how to wear contact lenses with dry eyes. The issue is that when someone has dry eyes, they are having issues with tear production. This could lead to the contact lenses drying out rather quickly. So what can be done?

The truth is, wearing contact lenses with dry eyes isn’t a risk for eye damage per se. However, it can cause the patient to be quite uncomfortable. This is why we recommend to our patients a daily disposable contact lens. This way they get a fresh pair of lenses, every day. 78% of our patients wear dailies.

What brands of contact lenses can I wear with dry eyes?

As far as brands, we like to recommend BioTrue ONEday or Alcon Dailies Total 1 for daily disposable lenses as each offer a high quality lens that remains moist throughout the day. dailies total 1biotrue oneday for presbyopia

Treatments for dry eyes

Of course, if dry eyes are really bothering you, you may want to consider Lipiflow or IPL. Both procedures help deal with dry eyes. Doing these procedures can allow you to wear contact lenses between 12-16 hours a day. We offer Lipiflow for as low as $980, the cheapest in the country!

Give us a call to discuss what are your best options for combating dry eyes and being able to safely wear your contact lenses. It’s important to always feel comfortable in your contact lenses.